Words, Pictures and Videos About a Variety of Gardening Topics

A Renaissance Man


That’s what everyone says to do if you want to be successful (i.e., get rich) blogging. Find a single topic that interests you and devote your energy to it exclusively.

Sorry, folks, I can’t do it.

Several years ago, a newspaper columnist wrote a piece about me that he titled A Renaissance Man. He did this because during an interview about a more serious topic, he learned about my wide variety of interests and was intrigued. He called me a “renaissance man”. I had to go look it up (via Google, of course). It means a person with many talents or interests. That’s me, alright…my wife calls me faddish…I’m often into some new fad. (Translation: a new interest that I am crazy about)

Right now my favorite fads are: gardening, electronics, puzzles, poker, videos, YouTube, photography, woodworking, and writing. But those will probably change in the next few weeks.

Oh…I forgot Blogging.

So here we are. This is the first of many shorts on a wide variety of topics. Try to keep up…go with the flow…and I’ll try to keep them interesting. I promise that each post will be focused on whatever the topic of that post is…unless I enthusiastically wander off into some new fad.


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