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Are You Drowning or Parching Your Plants?

If a little water is good, then a lot of water is great. Right?

It doesn’t necessarily apply to rivers…and it certainly doesn’t apply to plants!

So how do you know if your plants are parched or drowning? Let’s see…grandma poked her finger into the pot to test the moisture. Sometimes it worked…sometimes it didn’t. Even if her finger was truly sensitive to moisture level, it only penetrated about 1 1/2 inches into the soil. Plant roots (and therefore moisture requirements) can go up to a foot or more into the pot or the ground.

What you need is a Moisture Meter. And in the era of high tech gadgetry, you need a Digital Moisture Meter.

There are a lot of moisture meters on the market, ranging from $4.95 or so up to more than $200!

You probably don’t need anything more than a $20-$25 dollar investment to be sure that your plants are getting the right  amount of water. Check out my video review of the Ferry-Morse digital moisture meter that sells for under $20. Click the picture below to buy from Amazon.

Ferry Morse Meter

Ferry Morse Moisture Meter

Now you can know that your plants are getting just the right amount of water!


A Gardening Focus

OK, OK!  I’ll focus!

Some folks that I know (…or love…or respect…or just find cute) have said that my last post was hogwash. I REALLY should focus on a single subject (maybe two) that I find totally fascinating.

So this blog will henceforth be focussed on GARDENING!. But I still reserve the right to occasionally wander off and do something off-the-wall.

But I’ll cover a wide variety of topics in GARDENING!

So stick around and I’ll try to teach you about plants, horticulture, pests, gadgets, tools, resources, the Farmer’s Almanac, and a wide variety of other gardening (and occasionally non-gardening) topics.

A Renaissance Man


That’s what everyone says to do if you want to be successful (i.e., get rich) blogging. Find a single topic that interests you and devote your energy to it exclusively.

Sorry, folks, I can’t do it.

Several years ago, a newspaper columnist wrote a piece about me that he titled A Renaissance Man. He did this because during an interview about a more serious topic, he learned about my wide variety of interests and was intrigued. He called me a “renaissance man”. I had to go look it up (via Google, of course). It means a person with many talents or interests. That’s me, alright…my wife calls me faddish…I’m often into some new fad. (Translation: a new interest that I am crazy about)

Right now my favorite fads are: gardening, electronics, puzzles, poker, videos, YouTube, photography, woodworking, and writing. But those will probably change in the next few weeks.

Oh…I forgot Blogging.

So here we are. This is the first of many shorts on a wide variety of topics. Try to keep up…go with the flow…and I’ll try to keep them interesting. I promise that each post will be focused on whatever the topic of that post is…unless I enthusiastically wander off into some new fad.

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.

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